Gas Generator Set Specification

Main Item Sub Item Unit Description
Genset Manufacturer KOA Engineering
Fuel Specification Fuel Type Natural gas
Min. Low Heat Value kWh/mn3 10,92
Continuous Operation Data
in Grid Parallel Mode
Total Energy Input kW 552
Electrical Output of Generator kWe 160
Engine Model C6AE
Manufacture Hyundai Motor
Cyl.Arrangement No. of cyl 6
Displacement cc 11,150
Combustion Type Lean-burn
Speed rev/min 1500
Compression ratio 11,5
Standard power acc. To ISO 3046 kWm 171,5
Specific full load consumption kWh/kWhm 3,22
Gas consumption m3/hr 51
Generator Model UCI274H
Manufacture Stamford
Rating kVA 200
Voltage V 380
Frequency Hz 50
Efficiency % 93,3
Protection class IP23
Filling Quantities Lubrication oil L 25
Engine cooling water L 22
Radiator cooling water L 44
Exhaust Gas Exhaust gas volume flow, moist at 120C m3/hr 1380
Exhaust Gas Outlet 100A
CNG Gas Supply System Max. Gas Inlet Pressure kPa 20
Gas Filter Sungjin/SJG60
Mixer EngineTech
Dimension & Weight Lenght mm 3400
Width mm 1150
Height mm 1400
Dry weight kg 2612
Service weight kg 2700